Big Blok Military Applications

Big Blok Military Applications

Big Blok Military Applications-Handling material at a supply center is easy. Handling in a forward area is not whether for military or relief efforts. That’s were Bigblok storage systems come into play. Built in handles and proper sizing of the containers maximizes utility. Big Bloks have a complimentary design that simplifies how they can be stacked and used. Molded in colors for quick identification of contents, and easily labeled. These containers won’t rust, dent, or break, and can withstand rough handling. Buna-N O-ring sealed caps protect liquid or dry contents from weather, spilling, contamination. The containers material, LDPE, is good for long-term outdoor storage. FDA approved material good for wet and dry materials. Good for coolers, lub racks, storage of medical and relief supplies, food, fuel, water, waste, etc.

Storage Area

These bloks, for example, are full and waiting to be shipped, and can be arranged as bin storage, or as a protective bunker or car park. They can be used this way full of supplies or ballast.




Big Bloks are flexible, functional storage containers Once emptied, Big Bloks are ready for their next assignment as building bloks. Filled with waste, dirt, sand, or rocks, they provide ballistic and personnel protection. A single Big Blok 2 supplies troops with 92 quarts (87 liters) of water or fuel that is easily loaded.

Military Barricade



Rounded ends of capsules permit linear and non-linear constructions. Doorways and openings are easy. Big Blok 1 (red here) is the end filler.
Big Blok 3 (green here) lets walls intersect.

Military Bunker


Storage Tanks

When stacked and manifolded with the optional quick-connect hoses, the example shown here becomes a 40 to 80 gallon tanks. 3/4″ pipe threaded holes at the bottom of each unit, drain or distribute the liquid. The top vent will accept any plumbing fitting, including a drum valve or garden hose adapter. The stack can be configured to act as one large storage tanks or multiple small ones.

Military Storage Tanks